About Us


About Us

Our Understanding of Wellness

Wellness means to us much more than just massage and some Asian music. Wellness starts already when you enter our Spa and will unleash its vast effect during all the upcoming days full of hectics and business which – from now on – you will be able to cope with much easier due to your peace of mind and increased power.

We, therefore, both understand and appreciate that you are entrusting us with something very precious once you visit our Spa: Your sparetime. And in a highly individual way we will transform it into a time of well-being, allowing you to either totally relax and get releaved from pressure, hectics and phone calls or replenish yourself with positive energy. Whatever you choose, at the end you will find calmness and harmony…

How we are going to achieve this?

By creating an unobtrusive atmosphere of light, water, chimes, warmth, fragrance and touch that allows you to simply lean back, breath slowly and deeply and let the pressure slip off from you. By choosing a treatment, fragrances and other substances it is just you to decide where this journey will finally take you…

All we promise is that you will enjoy and that you will long to come back to our Spa again!

Illustration/Foto: AISAWAN Boutique Spa, 1010 Wien Illustration/Foto: AISAWAN Boutique Spa, 1010 Wien