The World of Panpuri


The World of Panpuri

Like our ancestors, we believe the well-being of our body is directly affected by the well-being of our soul and our surroundings.

We believe true beauty is more than skin-deep and comes from deep within the body and the soul. We can achieve holistic well-being if we speak to our soul and share our joy and compassion with those around us – only then will our body listen and shine.

Pañpuri wants to bring you the wondrous secrets of Eastern herbs passed down to us and so Panpuri has created an exceptional Spa-inspired, Eastern skin care range which offers:

Head-to-toe pampering and holistic well-being from the purest natural Eastern herbs infused  with a healing philosophy, vibrant sensuality and spiritual nurturing

Artificial fragrance-free. 100% unique natural scents from pure plant essential oils and extracts

Parabens-fee, SLS-free

Against animal-testing, and beeswax and honey as the only animal-based ingredients

Earth-friendly products and packaging

A prestige organic collection utilizing certified organic ingredients

Natural Spa care on the basis of Asian healing tradition.

Illustration/Foto: AISAWAN Boutique Spa, 1010 Wien Illustration/Foto: AISAWAN Boutique Spa, 1010 Wien