Peelings & Masks

AISAWAN Boutique Spa & Day Spa Wien


Peelings clean your skin both caressingly and deeply and grant a fresh, vital complexion. Please choose an option from below:

Moroccan - with vitamine E and natural Argan oil
Lemongrass - refreshing and deep-penetrating
Fleur de Fleur - smooth, tender and nourishing
Mango - fruity, fresh and velvety soft
Japanese Sakura Glowing - tenderly fresh with Japanese cherry blossoms
Siamese Jasmin - soothing and protecting
Tropical Fruit - nurturing, velvety and smooth
Chocolate - mineralizing and nurturing

AISAWAN Boutique Spa & Day Spa Wien


Masks will nurture your skin and provide it with natural vitamins, moisture and enriching elements. Please choose among the options below:

Vulcanic clay - moisturizing and mineralizing
Cocoon Rassoul - with nourishing Rassoul soil
Anti-Oxidant Green Tea - osmotic and rejuvenating
Chocolate - sensuous and free from calories
Jasmin Rice - caressing and ideal for sensitive skin
Aloe Vera - healing and stimulating for immune system
Dead Sea Mud with Caramel - nurturing, skin-flattening and healing
Fleur de Fleur - nurturing and kitten-soft

Illustration/Foto: AISAWAN Boutique Spa, 1010 Wien